Why American Brands Should Consider Marketing through Al-Jazeera

With the ever competitive market, businesses need to reach out to larger segments of their niche.

One such segment for American brands is the Arab-American population. Al-Jazeera Network – with its wider reach in both American and Arab markets – offers unique opportunities for American businesses to grow their larger customer base.

Still questioning yourself if you should give us a try? Let’s provide you some compelling facts about our network’s marketing reach and success.

One of The Top Websites

Aljazeera.net has recently gained significant acclamation. According to Alexa.com, we are one of the top 200 most visited websites in the world. In the Arab market, we top the list of most visited websites. It doesn’t end here. We were also nominated by Webby Award for the best news website around the world. What’s more? Our channel has gained a spot among world’s top 100 most influential institutions by TIME magazine.

Most Visited By the U.S. Audience

Do you know which country is the top visitor of both Aljazeera.net and Aljazeera.com? The United States. Every month, Al Jazeera (English) and Al Jazeera (Arabic) websites acquire approximately 12 and 15 million visits. You can reach Al Jazeera users by simply marketing through our network.

Offering Access to Required Target Market

Aljazeera offers a target market which has so much growth potential. There are 5.7 American-Muslims in the American market, with a significant purchasing power. This is a largely untapped market and we are determined to shorten the distance between your business and this segment.

If you are looking to branch out to the Arab-American market, advertising on Al Jazeera is your way through.

Solutions for Every Business and Nonprofit

We know how hard it is to find a digital advertising service that works well with your business model. Whether you are a nonprofit organization, a business to business or a business to customer product/ service provider, we are here to help you reach your target market.

Are you interested in marketing via Aljazeera, but worried about how you should go about? You need not.

MLC Digital Media has been appointed as Aljazeera’s official digital advertising sales representative in North America. You no longer need any other digital advertising services or Aljazeera’s advertisers. One single contact point is all it takes to take your brand to the next level. Simply send us an email at contact@mlc-digitalmedia.com and let us assist you in reaching out to your niche.