Tips for Improving Banner Ad Performance

Tips for Improving Banner Ad Performance

Over the next few years spending on display media is expected to grow outrageously. This is not just another fact; this is a testament to the popularity of banner ads as a highly useful marketing tool for online audiences.

However, as advertisers gradually consider dedicating an increasing amount of their marketing budgets to banner ads, they need to keep a few things in mind to get the most out of their campaigns:

Add In Interactivity

Banner ad technology today is highly versatile. They can be designed to do anything on a website- from tabbed browsing to product scrolling, videos, product ratings and a lot more. You can secure a number of benefits just by making your banner ads interactive:

  • Adding interactive features allows users to interact with your ads without committing a click.
  • All interactions can be used as in-ad engagement, giving you are a fresh layer of insight into the analytics.
  • Designing ads to attract users instead of making a banner that merely demands clicks gives you an opportunity to create highly interactive ads.

Make Your Brand Prominent

While it is tempting to make banner ads all about your special offerings like discounts and USPs, don’t forget that is ultimately a representation of your brand. Allowing brand logos to be lost among promotional offerings typically comes at the cost of long term branding strategies.

Although the short term goals of banner ads are to create conversions within a specific time period, the long term goals for any marketing tactic should be to enhance brand loyalty. Viewers who take advantage of your ads will definitely remember your brand but those who casually glance at your ad or think about the offer should be presented will strategically placed brand logos so that there are higher chances of them converting later.

Personalize It

Internet users are savvier than ever today. They are not just active in conversations about frequency of ad exposure but also when and where they should be targeted. Knowing this, bombarding them with generic ads is becoming less acceptable. With deep marketing insight and analytics of the best Al-Jazeera digital marketing agency, there’s no need to use traditional advertisements.

The recent innovations enable us to do remarkable personalization to your ads. They can be used to allow users to rate and share products while at the same time they can be customized to target demographics like location, age, income and gender.

These are just a few tips you can use to ensure your online banners reach your niche market effectively. Get in touch with us today and partner with the leading Al-Jazeera digital marketing agency to market your offerings to a one of the largest networks of global users.