Streamline Your Nonprofit Social Marketing With These Tips

Nonprofits have critically important missions that don’t necessarily match their budgets. This is why they constantly need to be innovative and make the most of the least.

With that in mind, at MLC-Digital Media, our professionals have put together a few tips that you can use to optimize your social marketing campaigns, here they are:

Use Imagery and Video Wherever Possible

While you probably know that a picture is worth a thousand words, it is definitely worth a lot more clicks and engagement on social channels. Tools like image-driven status updates to drive awareness for your campaigns can pay off in a big way. One channel, that remains tobe unused by nonprofits is Pinterest. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, you are missing out on your target donation and volunteer demographics.

Pinterest offers a variety of analytical tools like data that provides insight into the topics that are trending each day.  Therefore, this is definitely a channel worth exploring.

Use Armchair Activists

One of the little known facts about nonprofit work is that it is not necessary that you lack volunteer manpower; rather, you aren’t sure how to best utilize the volunteers. In today’s age of social media, even the most agoraphobic volunteers can be used to aid your social media marketing campaigns. Take the example of Facebook – its algorithm now looks for a page’s most active followers to let them know whether a post is worth pushing up to the top of the page. If your usual target audience doesn’t engage with a post, your reach is dramatically limited.

Remember that social media platforms themselves are after engagement- it is what helps them sell ad space. Coordinating your efforts so that everyone is sharing your posts lets the algorithms behind social media channels know that something is popular, eventually helping it rise to the top of the activity stream.

Engage Like-Minded Individuals

One of the best aspects of cause marketing is that when you try to expand the community, people typically support a cause first, and the organization second. Therefore, you are already a part of a much larger community. That being said, nonprofits can find valuable partners, supporters, and influencers on social media channels.

If you are on Twitter, remember to check who is following other organizations who tackle your cause by checking the follower and interest lists.

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