Online banners on Al-Jazeera work, and here’s why

MLC Digital Media has years of experience catering to the American niche markets. We have a deep understanding of what drives these markets in America, what shapes their perceptions and more importantly what triggers purchases. Our experience and connections across a wide network make us a leading Al-Jazeera Digital Advertising Agency, and here’s why we suggest you advertise on our network:


Al-Jazeera Is Among the Top Most Visited Websites in the World

In a short period of time, with its intense coverage of world and genuine news, Al-Jazeera has managed to attract a large number of audience members around the world. It is currently the most viewed network by Americans of Middle Eastern origins, and its website also makes it to list of the top most viewed online platforms.

When we talk about numbers, Al-Jazeera is among the 200 most visited websites around the world and also holds the recognition for being the most viewed website in the Arab world.


It Is Recognized Among the Most Influential Institutions by TIME Magazine

Another reason why you should consider investing in online banners or TV commercial in Al-Jazeera is its immense recognition. The Al-Jazeera television network is recognized among the 100 most influential institutions by the Time Magazine. This means that an immense number of diverse audience members spread around the world visit the eight websites of Al Jazeera, especially Aljazeera.net (Arabic) and Aljazeera.com (English), to stay updated with news and happenings around the world. The number 1 source of traffic to these two websites is the US!

This means the best in exposure opportunities for your business and most number of conversions when placing online banners on the Al-Jazeera network.


Al-Jazeera Website Was Nominated As the Best News Website around the Globe

Webby Awards is among the most trusted websites when it comes to ranking online platforms based on their exposure and presence. The website nominated Al-Jazeera website among the world’s best news websites based on exposure, presence, viewers and the quality of coverage. This means nothing but limitless opportunities for your business to get the word out through online banners on Al-Jazeera.

As the digital sales representative of  Al-Jazeera, we suggest that you place your online banners on our network to gain access to a number of different business and consumer categories that are directly related to your business ???. Businesses that cater to niche markets can benefit from this opportunityto market to specifically targeted consumer groups.

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