Important Design Tips for More Clickable Ads

Banner ads are some of the most interesting forms of marketing in the digital environment today. Almost all companies use them in one form or another because they are inexpensive and offer precisely measurable results.

Let’s assume some client wants our pros at MLC Digital Media to design banner ads for them. From there onwards, we consider it our job to create banner ads that actually bring in clicks and results.

Here are a few tips we practice and would like our clients and other designers to know:

Maintaining the Hierarchy

Firstly, banner ads are designed to bring in traffic to your web pages to create awareness for your brand. These 3 elements are a must for all banner ads:

  • The Value Proposition: This is what your service offers. The value proposition brings attention to itself with attractive offers and prices. This is what should take the most space on your ad. We are talking about messages like ‘Free’, ‘25% off’ or ‘Limited Time Offer!’ These messages should be the first thing your customers check out.
  • The Logo: Your brand logo should always be there to promote awareness. While it should definitely be visually prominent, but not more than the call to action or value proposition.
  • The CTA: The call to action is a text button that usually says ‘click here’, ‘learn more’ and ‘watch now’. It should be standout element of the ad, guiding users on how they can take action.

Keep It Clutter-Free

In their effort to make the most out of the small space, most companies tend to put in all they can into banner ads to grab customer attention. Remember to keep your ads clutter free. Website visitors will only glance at the ad for a few seconds, and in such cases, too much clutter might immediately drive them away.

Give Ads a Clearly Defined Frame

Our eyes are naturally drawn to things inside a frame. Make sure the banner ad has a prominently defined frame by using some graphics around the edges of the spot. If your banner is white, you can put a grey or black border around the ad.

Choose Images Only When Needed

Always use images that are directly related to your offerings. Avoid filling in with images that might take viewers a while to understand how it’s related. If you can’t afford professional photos, go with stock photos.

At the same time, it is not always necessary to use images, create some stunning ads with creative typography.

Use Animations

Compared to static ads, animated ads almost always do better. However, using animations is not that easy. You need to use them creatively to ensure that they don’t drive attention away from your ads. The animations should only be looped 3 times and should merely last 15 seconds, with the last image being the CTA.

There you go! Using these guidelines, we ensure that our clients’ banner ads always stand out. Ready to place your animated banner or video ads on Al-Jazeera? Drop us an email at contact@mlc-digitalmedia.com today.