How Digital Media Has Evolved In The Nonprofit World

While back in 2000, only a few nonprofits were focusing on digital media, the general belief was “Social media isn’t for nonprofits, but for people who want to show their cats having breakfast!”

More than a decade and a half later, the field has changed completely. Nonprofits are stocking in on digital media platforms and have successfully taken up the ‘Research-fail informatively and advance approach.’ The best part? They are seeing amazing results!

Digital media platforms have not just evolved the way nonprofits work, with but also their approaches to staying functional in the long run. As the leading marketing partners with a diverse array of nonprofits in the U.S., at MLC Digital Media, here is our take on how they have evolved with digital media:

Growing Relationships and Streamlined Engagement

In the past few years, we have helped nonprofits come up with unique ways to nurture their online communities – both through their social media pages and web pages. According to our research, the most prominent tools nonprofits use to create a stronger bond with people is the ‘share a story’ approach.

With our understanding of the Middle Eastern, Arab-American and American consumer market, along with the wide reach of the Al-Jazeera network, we have utilized various cause-specific approaches to raise thousands of dollars for their missions.

The best part about using digital media is to raise funds. Online platforms provide a numerous opportunities to engage with donors and build long lasting relationships that actually contribute to the cause.

Facilitating Crowd-Sourcing

Digital media also helps nonprofit employees connect off the record across institutional boundaries inexpensively. Nonprofits today are also constantly collaborating with supporters by crowd-sourcing ideas and content for campaigns.

With over 20 years of expertise tapping into the Arab-American market, we clearly understand the giving seasons and trends of this segment.

Al-Jazeera maintains a wide viewership in the U.S. with the Arabic website securing over 5 million views from the U.S. (36 million views worldwide), thanks to the television networks excellent ratings and credibility factors.

However, using banner ads on Al-Jazeera and video ads, we make sure that that they are marketed in a manner that allows for easy crowd-sourcing. Of course, this later translates into multiple opportunities for nonprofit employees to build direct connections with sources that prove the most promising for their cause.

If you are looking to tap into the Arab-American consumer market to boost monetary support for your nonprofit cause, the best way to go is with Al-Jazeera.

As the official digital sales representative, we can help you secure the best ad spots on the website and other intermediary digital media platforms to generate online traffic and increase donations for your cause.

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