How Al-Jazeera Network Is Helping Universities Recruit Students From The Middle East

With its significant reach expanding over the Arab-American consumer market and more importantly, in the Middle East, the Al-Jazeera network has been able to establish a prominent reputation in the industry.

As the official digital sales representatives of the Al-Jazeera network, at MLC-Digital Media, we have been helping a large number of companies utilize the expansive reach the network offers. We help companies secure the hottest spots for display marketing on Al-Jazeera and in small period of time our professionals have been able to secure significant results for our clients.

Recently, a large number of North American, Australian and UK based universities have started using the display banner ads on Al-Jazeera website to recruit international students, primarily from the Middle East. Here is how the leading television and digital network helps universities recruit international students:

With Its Wide, Segmented Audience

Al-Jazeera is recognized among the world’s top 200 most viewed websites and the most viewed website in the Arab world. Due to clean journalism and high moral standards in everything from reporting to marketing, the network has managed to create a massive following of loyal viewers not only in the US but more importantly, in the Arab world.

This means that universities don’t need to spend time into figuring out how to reach their target audience of international students when displaying their banners ads on the website or the television channel. With its wide viewership in the Middle East, Al-Jazeera has proven to be highly effective in conveying the various educational opportunities North American universities offer to international students.

A Trusted and Reliable Name

A large part of the network’s effectiveness in helping bring in Middle Eastern students to North American universities goes to its credible image. In the Arab world, the Al-Jazeera network is highly trusted for its news coverage. This sense of trust automatically translates into a number of opportunities for marketers.

When carefully designed banner ads for universities and strategically placed across the network, the trust factor comes into play. Middle Eastern students who are looking for international opportunities for higher studies find it easy to relate to the ads; this eventually helps universities recruit them.

This is how the Al-Jazeera network helps the Australian, North American and UK based universities recruit international students. If you manage marketing for an educational institution that is looking to promote on-campus diversity, we can help you out.

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