How Al-Jazeera Is Playing A Key Role In Boosting Medical Tourism In The U.S.

Medical tourism is when people travel abroad for medical treatments. Consulting firm, Mc Kinsey & Co., previously reported that every year, almost 60,000 to 85,000 people traveled to a foreign country for medical treatment. Middle Eastern population were the second highest travelers with 35% of all those travelling for medical care.

The U.S. healthcare system is considered fairly advanced than the system in the home countries of these travelers. Thus, these patients are presented an attractive market, ultimately bringing in revenue for U.S. hospitals.

For this reason, more and more hospitals and health tech companies are investing in digital marketing to reach this segment.

How does Al Jazeera help boost medical tourism?

MLC Digital Media, the official digital marketing representatives for both Al Jazeera Arabic and Al Jazeera English websites, makes it easier for these hospitals to reach Al Jazeera users. Having experience with these niche markets, MLC Digital Media understands the needs of Middle Eastern population and their healthcare requirements.

Digital marketing with MLC Digital Media

Our advertising agency covers all forms of digital marketing. Whether it is non-profit advertisement, profit video ads, or online display ads on Al Jazeera websites, we cover all.

Not sure what content you can market? We’re here to help:

Promote services and healthcare providers

Showing people healthcare services you provide is the best way to reach your target market. Is there any specific service that your center is known for? Is there any advanced treatment that is not offered by competing healthcare facilities? If there is a healthcare provider on your panel, for instance, an internationally known neurosurgeon, use it to gain more attention.

Provide authentic medical information

Patients want to learn about these medical conditions. However, they might not have access to such information. Providing authentic information and medical statistics is one way of gaining trust of your potential patients. U.S. healthcare system is known for its safe practice laws and medical ethics. Show this to the world!

Share your success stories

Have your doctors been working on challenging cases and yet succeeded in saving a life? Have your researchers recently discovered a new treatment for a resistant disease? These are great accomplishments in the healthcare field. But, for patients, these are hope of a better future. So market all your successes. While you gain a new patient, they may gain a new life.

Medical tourism is a brand and needs to be marketed to a target segment of a wider population. Start today with our digital marketing solutions by sending us an email at: contact@mlc-digitalmedia.com or connect here.