High End Fashion Adapting To Muslim Fashion Wear – Smart Marketing Strategies To Reach The Arab-American and Middle Eastern Youth

Arab American youth are young multicultural individuals interested in high-end fashion, yet keeping up with their culturally modest dressing. This is a huge target market which has remained relatively unexplored, until recently.

Several young fashionistas have gotten fame by incorporating Hijab with modest everyday dressing. This has brought attention of several fashion designers towards the Arab American youth. Similarly, Middle Eastern youth from countries such as Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia also make up a huge consumer base for these European and American fashion brands.

A few brands have succeeded in providing just that:

Oscar de la Renta

They released a special shoe line focusing on the Ramadan shopping needs. Instead of the usual platforms and sandals, they launched a collection designed in vibrant colors.

Using satin, they incorporated intricate embroidery as well as various embellishments to appeal to the Muslim Arabs.


However, they only marketed the collection in Dubai. These items are even harder to find in USA.

And so, introducing a similar line in the U.S. will be a profitable venture.

Tommy Hilfiger

Similar to Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger also introduced a fashion line last Ramadan for young women.

The collection featured floor length gowns, flowing skirts and delicate blouses in jeweled tones. The colors ranged from emerald green to satin black and creamy whites.

This collection would have been even more appreciated in the American communities. These floor sweeping gowns and blouses without extensive cuts are both culturally appropriate and well suited for Arab Americans who have grown up wanting to wear such collections.

Marks & Spencer

The company has succeeded in identifying an important need: a full length swimwear. First in Dubai and Libya, then in United Kingdom, Marks and Spencer has introduced a swimsuit that covers the whole body except for the hands, face and feet. These are marketed as ‘burkinis’ – a cleverly coined name.


The fashion house is run by Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first Muslim-American athlete to take part in Olympics wearing a Hijab.

This brand is unique as it offers dresses, jumpsuits, bottoms and tops; each apparel is designed keeping the modest culture of Arab Americans in mind.

Moda Operandi

Last year, Moda Operandi also introduced a Ramadan collection, featuring haute fashion. Their kaftans with glamorous embellishments and floor length dresses ruled the season. Including festive colors such as olive green and gold, the designers managed to attract a large number of customers.

While most of these brands market their Arab centric collection outside of the United States, it is justly perceived that the demand of such items will be equally, if not more, high than in the countries where they are currently marketed.

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