Easy Tips For Creating Effective Video Ads


Online marketing is an effective tool for your business’s progress. Whether you’re a startup or an expanding business venture, video ads can help you reach a wider public.

If you’re looking to target the Arabic and Arab American niche, consider marketing on Al-Jazeera network. Video ads on AlJazeera can be included as part of articles, through pre-roll in online streaming and on satellite stations.

Before you roll out these video ads, make sure the advertisement is effective. These ads will give your brand a new voice, so make sure it’s a positive one. Here are a few tips to help you create a suitable video.

1. Length of the video

Video lengths are flexible, so you don’t have a restriction there. But longer videos are not always effective. In this case, less is more.

Online videos afford you more freedom, but you need to attract a potential buyer. A video duration should be between 90-120 seconds. It will hold their interest, making the campaign worthwhile.

2. Funny videos are risky

Funny videos are good for advertisement. However, they’re not always successful. A timely joke can boost your sale; an ill-timed one can make you lose business. This is especially more risky if you’re targeting a particular niche. Make sure any jokes you include are culturally appropriate for your target market.

3. Make it easy to understand

Your business terms are only natural to you. Keep this in mind when making a video advertisement. Don’t add anything that your audience cannot understand.

Use simple and clear language. Make sure your message gets across. Otherwise, your ad campaign will yield no results.

4. Make them live the product

Your ads should focus on a need. It should be presented in an interactive way to help viewers feel more involved. This will get the video more views and result in a sales boost. Do something creative for the video, something that stimulates a positive reaction. Recently, value marketing has seen a surge in place of product and brand market. Whatever you do, make sure you have the viewer’s attention.

5. Know the limitations

A successful video campaign has two aspects: an effective video ad and quality service/product. Produce a smart video that complements your brand. Make sure everything is on point and you’ll surely get good returns for your hard work!

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