Al-Jazeera: The Primary Choice For Nonprofits To Advertise In North America And Raise Funds

The Arab-American consumer market is constantly growing and presents a number of new opportunities for nonprofits to benefit from this growth. The Al-Jazeera network is playing a pivotal role in helping nonprofits advertise and raise funds from a niche market in North America.

But why Al-Jazeera? For starters, the leading satellite TV and online network is among the most viewed channels in the Middle East and by Americans who have Middle Eastern origins. The whopping $2 trillion Arab-American consumer market prefers the Al-Jazeera network to stay updated due to its clean journalism policies and moral values.

Here’s how it plays a key role in helping nonprofits raise funds by advertising in North America:

It Is Well Aware Of Religious Giving Seasons

Some of the largest nonprofit organizations are now partnering with the Al-Jazeera network to help raise funds for their causes. One of the most important reasons why this works so well is because the network is well aware of Muslim giving seasons.

At MLC-Digital Media, we have helped nonprofits raise significant amounts of funds to support their causes, particularly in the Islamic month of Ramadan. This is the month when Muslims around the world fast and focus largely on giving back to the society. With careful placement of banner ads on Al-Jazeera websites, nonprofits have noticed prominent growth in their donor numbers.

Similarly, Arab-Americans also tend to clear their charity dues at the yearend as well. Again, due to the wide viewership Al-Jazeera has constantly secured in this particular segment, the results are amazing. With creatively drafted display ads that convey genuine nonprofit causes, fundraising has been made a lot easier with the network’s help.

It Has a Highly Credible Brand Image

Perhaps the most important reason why banner ads on Al-Jazeera work so effectively is due to the credible brand image the network has created and maintained over the years. Its ethical journalism policies contribute largely to its huge following. Consequently, this credibility factor comes into play when viewers come into contact with a nonprofit banner ad on the website.

These are just some of the ways how at MLC-Digital Media, we are leveraging the Al-Jazeera viewership to help nonprofits get closer to their goals. If you are looking for nonprofit advertising on Al-Jazeera, get in touch with us today to partner with some of the leading marketing professionals!