Al-Jazeera Helps U.S. And UK Universities Bring In Students From The Middle East

Since its inception, the Al-Jazeera network has been gaining recognition for its clean journalism policies, all the while managing to keep a global audience of avid viewers updated.

Especially in the Middle East and Arab regions, Al-Jazeera enjoys a massive viewership that still continues to grow.

As the Official Digital Sales Representative, at MLC Digital Media we have been playing a key role in helping companies market their offerings on the Al-Jazeera network to benefit from its segmented audience.

With universities in the UK and U.S. looking forward to recruit students from the Middle East to boost on-campus diversity, spread education, and provide everyone around the world equal opportunities, the Al-Jazeera website and satellite television channel comes as a powerful tool for marketing educational opportunities.

Combined with our decades of experience with the Arab and Muslim consumer behavior, we help devise educational marketing strategies that yield amazing results.

If you are an educational institution looking to spread the word about the educational opportunities you offer, here’s why Al-Jazeera might be the best option to reach out to Middle Eastern students:

Al-Jazeera Has A Whopping Viewership In The Middle East

Al-Jazeera still holds recognition for THE most viewed website in the Arab world and among the top 200 websites around the world. This means that there is already a massive audience constantly staying updated with the website and news channel every day.

As an educational institution, the wide viewership of the satellite television network comes as a benefit. You don’t need to spend heavily on research as there is already a market waiting to be exposed to your messages. By helping you secure the best spots for banner and video ads on the website, we make sure that the most relevant students come across your ads.

Credibility Boost

Al-Jazeera is a trusted and reliable name in the Middle East, especially in countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait, from which thousands of new students enroll in US and UK universities every semester. When your educational institution uses the network’s websites and television channels to market its programs, viewers tend to see your educational institution as highly credible. This naturally gives a confirmed boost to your international recruitment programs in the Middle East. Students are willing to take up scholarships and become a part of your colleges and universities, knowing that a prestigious news network represented your ad.

These are just a few ways how marketing your UK and U.S. University on the Al-Jazeera network can help you boost campus diversity and bring in students from the Middle East. Get in touch with us to learn more how we can help. Drop us an email at contact@mlc-digitalmedia.com.