5 Things To Know About Multicultural Marketing

The ever increasing competition in business has allowed new markets to emerge. While these markets aren’t essentially new, they are being recognized more today due to globalization.

One such idea is multicultural marketing: selling your products or services to people of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This majorly concerns migrants in a country.

Several businesses are trying to target these markets to increase their sales. However, they usually fail because they do not take time out to understand their market and modify ideas to market needs. Here are a few things you should know:

1. Defining multicultural marketing

People often confuse multicultural marketing with international marketing. In multicultural marketing, you are targeting customers with a particular cultural or ethnic background which usually differs from the main culture of the country.

For instance, when targeting Arab American youth to sell your brand, you have to consider their Arab background, even though they are American nationals. Many youth seek modest yet fashionable clothing, requiring a whole new array of fashion products.

2. Why should you market to them?

Untapped markets are a huge source of business these days.

Again, take the example of Arab Americans; they have a significant purchasing power. You can use this to your benefit while marketing to this population.

This is an easy way to acquire more customers and extend your business to newer markets. Investing in Arab American niche can help you further expand to Arabic markets as well. Your business can easily gain popularity in Arab countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

3. How can you get started?

With a test marketing strategy, of course! Reach out to these communities and interact with your potential customers. Understand their culture, identify their needs and offer a solution. For Arab American market, advertise on Aljazeera network. Run video ads to reach Al-Jazeera users to see how they take to your brand.

4. Focus is important

Marketing to a multicultural community does not mean taking every product to them and trying to sell it. You may either market existing products or introduce new products, if required.

Remember that you also need to modify your marketing strategy. For example, add descriptions in Arabic as well as the original language to attract Arab and Arab American markets. However, do not overuse their culture or language as it will only deter them from buying your products.

5. Make sure you market quality

Quality is important if you want to build a customer base from repeat purchases. Otherwise, it will prove harmful, decreasing your existing sales too. You may be targeting a multicultural market, but this market is part of a larger market and interacts regularly with them.

You may also add value by making your products more affordable and accessible, or by providing a solution to an existing problem.

Do you think you are ready to invest in Arab and Arab American markets? Then you are at the right place! Advertise with us and reach out to this untapped market today!