5 Reasons Why No One Is Clicking On Your Banner Ads

If you’ve been noticing that your banner ads are just not getting the click-throughs you thought they would, you are not alone. Internet users have gone weary of ads that don’t speak to them or at times, interrupt their activities.

However, there is still hope. Along with pointing out why some banner ads are ignored, we have put together food for thought on how you can make the advertising experience better for your users.

People might not be clicking on your banner ads because:

#1-They Are Distracting

How can we forget the first banner ads ever? Flashing neon signs that made you twitch when you were looking for information on the web. The sad part is that some banner ads haven’t evolved that far. If you are too ‘in the way’ of people doing what they came to your site to do, you couldn’t just experience poor click through rates, but you might even push them away.

Dedicate resources to ad design and ensure that CTAs don’t push users to the extent where they want to push back.

#2-They Are Irrelevant

Did you serve an ad to someone that just wasn’t right? Like marketing boxing gloves to people who are looking for football updates? If you aren’t making the best use of consumer data, targeting people on the web can be difficult.

Make sure that you spend time identifying your customers based on the most important factors so that you don’t end up presenting them with something that barely catches their eye.

#3-They Are Not In-Line with Purchase Intent

The message put forward in your banner ads should be tied to the stage readers are at in the buying cycle. Use dynamic content to put up banner ads based on certain activity criteria like previous downloads or searches. As a publisher, you can make use of a number of cues from your own website to trigger dynamic content.

For instance, at MLC-Digital Media we help e-books writers with advertising on Al-Jazeera by showing visitors an ad for the book on their first visit. Once they have downloaded the book, we show them an ad for a relevant webinar.

#4-They Are Not Optimized For Mobile

A website that isn’t optimized for mobile, readers really need to pinch and expand just to read what the banner ad says. The response? Visitors click on the ads by mistake or ignore them at all.

The simplest way to avoid this is by using a website that is mobile optimized and rely on onsite CTAs to elicit clicks for your marketing campaigns.

#5-They Don’t Provide Value to Readers

If your banner ads don’t clearly specify how they can help the readers, they will be ignored. Instead of traditional banner ads, consider using the space to house CTAs for an offer. This provides your readers with the motivation to actually stop and click. On the other hand, it also ensures long term success for your banner ad campaigns and an instant boost to credibility.

When your readers see something they like, they are naturally more apt to click it. With happier readers who find banner ads more helpful than annoying you create a win-win situation for yourself and your customers. Need help with banner advertising on Al-Jazeera? Give us a call today!